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Sunshine Carpet Cleaning

There are hundreds of methods, tools and cleaning products to clean carpets. We noticed when using our old cleaning solution that our lungs felt sore, so we started looking for a better, healthier way to clean a rug. We found a green cleaner that we are very excited about. Not only is it green but it does an excellent job.

Our products contain citrus that dissolve oil based stains and the oxidizer makes organic stains like coffee and urine disappear. The natural enzymes dissolve protein based stains and kill odors. Your carpets will look and smell fresh and clean!




We clean green!

How our Green Cleaners work:

  • Surfactants loosens up the dirt quickly.

  • Citrus (delimonene) dissolves oil based stains like grease and oil.

  • Oxygen (hydrogen peroxide) makes organic stains like coffee and urine just disappear.

  • Organic salt conducts the heat evenly throughout the Grease Eater and your solution for even and stronger cleaning.

  • Enzymes (natural) are grown specifically for Grease Eater. These enzymes are not "lab made" like competitors. These enzymes, that can also be called beneficial bacteria, dissolve protein based stains and odors.

  • Great fragrance (not just a scent but a perfume) makes it pleasant.

  • Crystallizers help keep the carpet cleaner than water or using other chemicals.