Sunshine Carpets


There are hundreds of methods, tools and cleaning products to clean carpets. We noticed when using our old cleaning solution that our lungs felt sore, so we started looking for a better, healthier way to clean a rug. We found a green cleaner that we are very excited about. Not only is it green but it does an excellent job. Your carpets will look and smell fresh and clean!

Sunshine Windows

sunshine truck.jpg

Sunshine Window Cleaning has been washing windows in Bend, Sisters, Black Butte, Sunriver & Central Oregon for 17 years. We take pride in providing professional window cleaning by experienced window cleaners for homes, businesses and resorts. We like what we do and we do it well.

Sunshine Gutters


Let us do the ladder climbing and cleaning of your roof and gutters to clean out the pine needles, leaves, and gunky stuff. Gutters control the flow of rainwater to protect a structure's roof, walls, foundation, and surrounding landscape. Waiting until they are packed with debris or overflowing may cost you in home repair later.