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Sunshine Window Cleaning

Sunshine Window Cleaning has been washing windows in Central Oregon for over 17 years now.  Our crew is made up of the best window cleaners in Bend.  We offer both residential and commercial window cleaning services in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Black Butte Ranch and Sunriver. 

Why hire professional
window cleaners?

  • We have the proper tools and experience to clean your windows spot free.

  • Complete cleaning inside and out of your windows, sills and tracks.

  • Professionally cleaned windows stay cleaner longer.

  • It’s safer for you. No having to climb up on dangerous ladders.

  • We can get rid of stubborn water spots and stains.

  • It will save you time and effort.

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Window cleaning tips

  • The water in Bend is high in minerals and will stain your windows (or car) if left to dry. So try not to let water from the hose or sprinklers stay on your windows.

  • Do not use the windex product that you connect to your hose to clean your windows. It will stain your windows. It is very expensive to clean off these water stains.

  • If you hose down your decks or house, take the water off the glass or call us to clean your windows right after you use the hose.

  • Adjust your sprinklers or change your sprinkler heads out to a stream instead of a spray.

"Some of our customers have said that when we clean their windows they stay clean longer. That is because we use just enough soap to get the dirt off. Some window cleaners have been known to use too much soap so the windows get dirty quicker. We use a mild soap that will not damage the woodwork. We also clean and dry the window sills."